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Finca Tatin

About Us

Hotel Finca Tatin is an extraordinary place, located between the town of Fronteras (Rio Dulce), and Livingston, accessible only by boat, the perfect place to get away from it all!

The Rio Dulce area is one of the best places in Guatemala to experience bio-diversity, with its lush and pristine forest and rivers, and the abundance of wildlife.

Finca Tatin is a rustic eco-lodge that focuses on preserving its beautiful natural surroundings while helping the indigenous communities living in the area and offering a chance to the city dwellers to get their share of wilderness.

While located in a quiet secluded area, there still is no shortage of things to do and see. The bungalows are either located on the riverside or in the jungle. At the hotel, you can jump in the river from our rope swing, before laying on our floating sunbed to work on your tan, without having to worry about nasty aquatic animals. We also offer a variety of activities to partake in: walk to Ak’Tenamit, the most prominent school in the area, explore the tiger cave and take a dip in its natural pools, or pay a visit to a typical Mayan village.

We also have canoes and kayaks for our guests to use, and the river has beautiful scenes which make for a beautiful day of adventuring. You can paddle your way through the canyon to Livingston, a Caribbean beach town while enjoying the fantastic scenery along the two-hour trip; gliding past thatch-roofed houses and enormous cliffs covered in trees, themselves home to birds of all kinds. On a sunny day, you will easily spot bright orange iguanas as they charge their batteries in the treetops. There will be no need to paddle back against the current as we will pick you up in Livingston and take you back to the hotel with one of our boats. We also offer a hike to Livingston, in which you will spend three to four hours walking through the forest before reaching Livingston.

We have many other kayaks and tours suggestions; night hikes and boat tours, full moon hikes, guided walk in the forest and on the river, and horseback tours. We recommend a dip in the thermal springs, or spend the day in the mandate reservoir, trying to spot one of those gentle aquatic mammals and other wild animals that live there. Or going to Belize for a morning of snorkeling? If R&R is more your style, Finca Tatin has a wide assortment of games, or grab a book and relax in one of our many hammocks.

We offer a family style dinner, where all the guest eats together and share stories around the table, an excellent way to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. The meals are delicious and always made with fresh local ingredients. Dinners consist of vegetable soup, handmade flour tortillas, and chimichurri, parsley, garlic and olive oil dip cherished by everyone. Then come the main dish and a variety of accompanying dishes. We also have a vegetarian option, and we cater to anyone who needs special meals.

Enjoy a mystic and magical place where great food is the norm as well surrounded by friendly people.


Finca Tatin Hotel Prices

River view bungalows

River View | Prices expressed in GUA Q.
  • * Bungalow Honey Moon Falcon (double bed) with access to crib.
  • Q 350. One guest Q 400. Two guest
  • * Special Family Bungalow DELFIN (double Bed and 4 Imperial Beds)
  • Q 350. One guest
  • Q 400. Two guests
  • Q 470. Three guests
  • Q 540. Four guests
  • Q 610. Five guests
  • Q 680. Six guests
  • * Family Bungalow GARZA/pelican (double bed and three imperials) c/u
  • Q 300. One guest
  • Q 350. Two guests
  • Q 420. Three guests
  • Q 490. Four guests
  • Q 560. Five guests
  • * Butterfly Family Bungalow. (Double Bed and one imperial)
  • Q 300. One guest
  • Q 350. Two guests
  • Q 420. Three guests

Jungle Bungalows. Garden view.

Jungle View | Prices expressed in GUA Q.
  • * Bungalow Scorpion/Crab/Deer. (Double Bed) With access to Crib. 
  • Q 250.00     One guest
  • Q 300.00     Two guests
  • * Family Bungalow in the jungle Coati. (Double Bed and 4 Imperial Beds)
  • Q 250.00     One guest
  • Q 300.00     Two guests
  • Q 370.00     Three guests
  • Q 440.00     Four guests
  • Q 510.00      Five guests
  • Q 580.00     Six guests
  • * Family Bungalows Turtle/TUCAN/JAGUAR. (Double Bed and 2 Imperial Beds)
  • Q 250.00     One guest
  • Q 300.00     Two guests
  • Q 370.00     Three guests
  • Q 440.00     Four guests
  • * Private economic rooms shared the bathroom.
  • MICO/IGUANA/manatee
  • Q 80.00     One guest
  • Q 130.00  Two guests
  • * Communal bedroom Hummingbird private bathroom. 10 BEDS.
  •                     Q 60.00     One guest

Tatin house (New Construction)

Private Apartment | River View | Private Pier
  • Private kitchen * Ecological refrigerator * 24 hours SOLAR light.
  • * 3 Private Rooms 2 Bathrooms * Room # 1 and #3 double bed two imperials) private bathroom.
  • * Room # 2 (2 Bunk Beds) You can use both Bathrooms.
  • * Recommended for families who bring their food.
  • * Rental includes one dedicated staff member for cleaning and cooking.
  •  • Q. 1400.00 price per Night. Max Capacity 12 guests

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