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Kayaking at Finca Tatin

A stunning place, where you can glide through lotus gardens, hearing (and maybe spotting) howlers monkeys, birds, and manatees.


On your own, there and back (Approximately a 4-hour round trip)

We take you (and your kayak) to the entrance, and you come back on your own (approximately 2 hours).

  • Same tour, but with our guide
  • The entire trip is on a boat, without kayaks.
  • Through the Canyon to Livingston
  • Birdwatching, lush vegetation, fishers, and open skies.


-In a kayak, on your own (approximately 3 hours).

-Go there on a kayak, then return on the boat, public, or ours. You would leave the Kayak in Livingston.

Full moon tour (minimum two people).

If the weather allows it, and especially on full moon nights, we take you through the canyon to enjoy the starry skies, do some animal spotting, have a swim, and, why not, have a nice glass of wine onboard

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  • Finca Tatín is one of the best places I ever stayed at. The great dinners with all guests together at the end of the day combined with no WiFi (or barely any) makes for a great place to meet people, chat and share. Surrounded by nature in a gorgeous place. Oh, and the staff is beyond any expectation.

    Cosma Musacchio


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  • Great place to relax and merry fellow travelers. The evening meal is hostel family style and a highlight of our trip.

    Ray Braun

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