Finca Tatin

Tatin House

Private apartment
* River view
* Private dock
* Kitchen
* Refrigerator (ecological)
* 24 hours of solar light.
* 3 private rooms 2 bathrooms
* Rooms # 1 and # 3 double bed 2 single) private bathroom.
* Room # 2 (2 Bunk Beds) can use both bathrooms.
* Families are encouraged to bring their own food.
* Rent includes 1 dedicated house service staff.

  • Finca Tatín is one of the best places I ever stayed at. The great dinners with all guests together at the end of the day combined with no WiFi (or barely any) makes for a great place to meet people, chat and share. Surrounded by nature in a gorgeous place. Oh, and the staff is beyond any expectation.

    Cosma Musacchio


Here's what people say about us

  • Great place to relax and merry fellow travelers. The evening meal is hostel family style and a highlight of our trip.

    Ray Braun

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